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It’s time to think differently about outdoor living

Whatever you’ve been dreaming for your outdoor space, we can make it happen.  Working with our talented design team, we can take your ideas and your budget, and tailor a plan for an outdoor living space to your unique needs.


So, if you need to unplug from the daily stress to a tranquil retreat, it could be right on your back doorstep.

When you choose us:

Obligation-Free consultation with our Landscape Architect

Full concept development including 3D renders of your project

Site specific design and planting schedule

Detailed investment proposal on the implementation of your project

Identification of any potential issues prior to construction

Comprehensive step by step construction programme



Book my Obligation-Free consultation with a Landscape Architect


Complete this to chat about your space with our Landscape Architect. We will contact you to book a No-Obligation 1hr consultation to talk through your ideas. 

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What’s your style?

Your home should be a reflection of your style, and your OuterSpace should be no different.  

Tell us your preferences and we can bring these together with up to the minute ideas and trends you will love. 

We will consider how much time you will have to maintain your garden and whether you are looking to evolve and grow your space into a living paradise, or have a low-maintenance area that is ready when you are to chill and relax in.

Consider some of these on-trend ideas to find your style, then book a Obligation-Free consultation directly with our Landscape Architect.



For a classic and timeless style of space Formal Designs could be for you. With straight lines, classic planting and strong structures this is one of our most popular style trends.



A plant filled paradise with dappled light and gently flowering perenials needs planning long in advance. We can help you to achieve this look, so that you can enjoy it from day one right up until it matures.



More than just a BBQ, today's trends are for full and elaborate cooking and entertaining outside. Wow your friends with home-cooked wood fired pizzas and warm yourselves with today's most popular trend - an outdoor fireplace. Perfect for all seasons!



Many people want to spend less time and money caring for their outside living space, and more time enjoying it. Including this in your brief with our Landscape Architect will ensure you have a beautiful and relaxing space, without the maintenance fuss.

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How do I prepare for my initial consultation?

It’s a good idea to come with details about how you live your lives – as a family and your hobbies etc.

We will discuss with you how to bring a mix of function and aesthetics into a solution you will love.

Bring with you some examples of styles you like – and even things you don’t like, as this can be really helpful in crafting a plan that you’ll love first time!


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Maintenance Advice

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Questions you may have

How do we initiate a landscape design with Outerspace?

Just email us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 100 750 to speak to one of our experts. We will arrange to meet with you to meet to discuss your project. Meetings can be at our offices or onsite. At the initial meeting, we suggest that you bring your house plans, your great ideas and any other information relating to your property’s landscaping.

What’s the next step after my initial meeting with Outerspace?

When we meet with you, we’ll talk through your project and your ideas. We’ll ask plenty of questions and we’ll suggest the best solutions for your space.


With this process, we develop an understanding of your requirements and of what solutions will work for your landscape design. We create a fee proposal for your landscape design and upon acceptance of the proposal we start the first concept drawing for your outer space.

How long does it take for you to create a full landscape design for my garden?

A full landscape design typically takes 6 weeks from the date of the first site visit to a completed concept plan with a planting plan. For projects with tight deadlines we can often shorten this period.


If you are building a new home or renovating, we recommend that you engage us for your landscape design earlier in the process as this allows time to work with the Landscape Architects or house designers. That way we can have the landscape plans completed to meet your deadline.

If Outerspace creates my landscape design, do I have a choice as to who constructs it?

That’s entirely your choice. Most clients are very satisfied with the Outerspace design process and the resulting design so they ask us to proceed with construction. Sometimes a builder constructs part of the landscaping and sometimes the home owners tackle the project themselves.


Any questions or for more info, please call 0800 100 750, email [email protected] or talk to us via live chat – see bottom of your screen.

I’ve had a design done by another Landscape Architect – can you construct it?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive construction service.

I don’t live in Christchurch. Can you still do a design for me?

We undertake landscaping projects throughout Canterbury as well as in Queenstown and Wanaka.

Do you work with Landscape Architects?

We prefer to work in with your Landscape Architect, the earlier in the project the better.

Can I have a landscape concept plan designed without a planting plan?

Your landscape design doesn’t necessarily require a planting plan to be created at the same time. We can provide you with a landscape concept plan to allow us to move to the pricing process.


Creating a planting plan once construction is underway can give a better perspective of the specific plants that will work best for your Outer Space.